[NTLK] Connection to my windows xp

Tony Kan tony.kan at clear.net.nz
Wed Aug 28 02:24:54 EDT 2013

These days HDD space shouldn't be a problem.  I vouch that the VPC/Win 98
method is the most reliable way to go.  


Tony Kan

New Zealand

An alternative method is to install microsofts Virutal PC, and install then
run Windows 98 in emulation (and of course install NCU to that).  I find
this works even better and I don't need slowdown with such a setup.
 But it does take longer to set up and more hard drive space.

So you will likely want to try Tony's method first.  It is what I used for
years so it does work, but the connection can be finicky at times.
But this varies with the machine and what you are running at the time.
I suggest running nothing else on XP other than NCU and slowdown.  Turn off
everything else that you can.  Anything odd going on in the background can
throw the connection off.

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