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> What model number is the holster that fits the MP 2100?  Can't seem to see
> one that suits?
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> Obviously, if your Newt doesn't fit, you aren't dressed properly.  There's a
> really good company in Pennsylvania called Rip-Off (rather inappropriately
> considering what a great product they make at very reasonable prices).  They
> make all kinds of holsters including one that fits my MP2100 like they were
> made for each other.  When your clothes let your Newt down, your holster
> will take over!  (Disclaimer:  I have NO connection to this company except
> as a very happy owner of their holsters -- yes, that's plural.)
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Hi Tony, 

I found their website a bit confusing, they make so much stuff.  If you like
exploring look under PDAs and work from there.

In fact, they do a couple of variations that fit the MP2x00 but my absolute
favourite is this one:


When I was buying mine (2008) they were doing with or without auxiliary
pockets, and a choice of clip-on or belt-loop.  Having used the clip-on I
can tell you this is by far the best-designed, best-constructed clip system
it's been my pleasure to use.  I like the pockets for extra odds and ends
(the large pocket will take PCMCIA cards including a wifi or ethernet card
and some cable, OR my HTC Sensation, for example, and the smaller one
carries smaller stuff I like to have, OR will carry my Sony Ericsson K810).
But if you hunt for it, there's another version without the pockets.

Also, those pockets create 2 places for carrying a pen as long as you're
sensible about it.  I always have a fine point permanent marker with me and
that's where it rides, but if I want to carry my multi-point pen (with 2
colours plus pencil plus extra stylus) it goes in the other one.

So go to that page and make sure to click on "Styles" and "Features" to see

And if you need to clarify anything before you order, feel free to phone
them.  They are THE most helpful people you could ask for.  I had to phone
first, to clarify how to order (I can be a little "thick" when using
websites) and second because I had a special request because I was
travelling and the window for receiving delivery was so small.  They were

When they say lifetime warranty they mean it; in the rare event something
goes wrong, they really take care of you.   But mainly, they make sure
you're opening a parcel and taking out a superbly designed and constructed
holster that puts a smile on your face and on your Newt's face for years to

And to confirm what Larry said, I've worn this one day in and day out for
over 5 years with maybe a total of 6 weeks (when I was using the other one
instead) and it still looks great -- no fraying, no wear spots, no shredding
inside, no weakening of the clip.  One day I'll go to Lancaster just so I
can acknowledge their commitment to quality in person.

Yeah, I'm gushing.  Can't help it.  In general, I love quality when I can
find it.  In particular, I LOVE my Newts, and I consider these holsters
absolutely worthy of my Newts.

One favour I'd ask if you don't mind:  if you do buy, make a point of
telling them you were recommended through someone on NewtonTalk.  You don't
have to mention "Lord Groundhog" unless you want to tell them I say hi, but
mention the group.  I always think that when people stick with serving us
even though our need is considered "obsolete" by some, it's not a bad idea
to let them know we're here and we appreciate them.

Have fun!   



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