[NTLK] Orlando poutine? (was: Montreal Poutine Week)

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Sat Feb 2 18:54:18 EST 2013

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> Hello,
> --- On Sat, 2/2/13, Lord Groundhog <lordgroundhog at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Add an amazing toy like Lego to bacon, and it's going to be a hard
>> choice.  
> I think you'll find that when you add Legos to bacon (as I did just this
> morning, per your suggestion above), it doesn't do the bacon any favours. :(

> PS: I always preferred Lincoln Logs over Legos, myself.  I quickly discovered
> that two or three of the "three notch" Lincoln Logs, when bunched together,
> made an effective "mini-club" when the inevitable childhood spats arose.
> Legos you could throw, sure, but that was about it.  Maybe I just had the
> wrong Lego sets? @_@

For your next childhood, try a slingshot.   >:-)  You can cause enough pain
to discourage even the most persistent bully, or even more than one.



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