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> So...is this kind of like an extra birthday for you? Or, do your American
> neighbors (if you have any) rouse you early from your sleep to determine if
> you can see your shadow?

Well Forrest, it's a day for officially honouring all my family both within
my own species and in my near relatives like squirrels and chipmunks and so
on.  Because I am head of all our clans it's also a day when they
acknowledge my continued rule and pay homage.

I don't get "roused" from my sleep.  Phil and some others agreed to do that
job to amuse the humans and make some cash from the more gullible ones.  (A
bit like Native Americans who amuse themselves by selling made-up "authentic
ancient traditions" to the gullible "new age" hobbyists and tourists that
come to pillage their cultures.)  These folks want weather-predicting
groundhogs?  OK, you pay, we'll play.   But I don't do any of that.  It
would demean our royal families, like asking a human president or prime
minister to sell hot dogs for a living.

(What few people know is, we don't predict the weather, we govern it.
That's why you'll never see a groundhog or squirrel or any other member of
our several species complain about weather.  We just happen to like more
varieties of weather than other animals.)

Hope that helps.  ;-)


Lord Groundhog aka Christian

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