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Exactly. I run Windows machines (desktops and servers) exclusively. Have been ever since I an Apple oriented company in 1998. I have deployed several thousand (maybe tens of thousands by now) Windows servers in datacenters all around the world. And the only time *ANY* of them ever experienced an attack is when someone who doesn't know what they're doing does something stupid. Unlike a Ronco Rotisserie, computers are not "set it and forget it"! You still, today, need to know what you're doing and what out there can do you harm. I mean, when you cross the street, do you look both ways before you cross, or do you just blindly cross the street? Every child (dare I say every child in the world) has had that mantra drilled into their brains by the parents since the time they were old enough to walk..."look both ways before you cross the street". Perhaps we need to drill in a new mantra, "validate that link in your email before you click it"
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> So...no...I don't *need* to use any of my email accounts...I *CHOOSE* to use my Yahoo account...because I always have!

Good discussion. However, let me point out that those of us who are knowledgeable have taken the necessary precautions, even those with Yahoo! accounts. It looks like we keep an eye on email activity and so would likely be aware of any oddities.

It looks like it's those that don't pay attention, or have dormant accounts, that are more likely to get hacked.


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