[NTLK] Taking another swing at my Newton

Tony Kan tonykan at xtra.co.nz
Mon Feb 11 17:58:02 EST 2013

Hi William

No, it just means more troubleshooting work.  Have you disabled WEP or WPA
or other security measures on your access point (you can put WEP back on
again after you've got it working)?


Tony Kan

New Zealand

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I go everything installed, and followed all of the instructions.  However
using either Corior or NetHopper, I am unable to Internet.  On NetHopper I
get error -60088 which UNNA tells me means that my ISP won't give my Newton
DHCP and I won't be able to Internet.  Is that the end of the line?


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On Feb 10, 2013, at 10:33 PM, William T wrote:

> All right, now that I have it connected to my comp, I want to try to get
it Internet-ing.  I have all of the nessicary drivers and stuff downloaded
on my comp, and I am using the guide on the "My Apple Newton" blog.  It says
that I need to delete all of the network programs. Here is a pic that shows
all of the things currently installed on my Newton: 
> http://i1099.photobucket.com/albums/g400/wllm_t/photo1_zpsc9e84d19.jpg
> Which ones do I need to get rid of?
> Again Thanks,
> William
> I promise this link is better than the last one that got sent from my
email. :)

To clear out all network specific packages then here is what I see.

NIE and network specific packages:
802.11b Wavelan
Internet Setup
Newton Devices
Newton Internet
NIE Internet
NIE LocalTalk
NIE Modem & Serial
NIE Patch

Other network-ish apps that support Courier:
NHttplib Test

NHCharsets:DPR (I think is an extension for NetHopper, which I don't see
installed. Probably safe to delete.)

Since Newton-to-Computer connection is working for you I highly suggest
making a system backup before deleting everything. You never know what might

-Tony Morrow

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