[NTLK] Firstly, hello!

Henry Gratwick henzoelgreat at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 10:36:23 EST 2013

I used to be on this list, way back in 2004/05 I think, when I bought my
120 - upgrading to a 2000 a year or so later - thought I'd sign back up the
other day.

James, sorry to hear about the stroke - hope you're well considering it all.

So...having allowed my MP usage to fall by the wayside, I actually just,
for reasons of historical interest, purchased an OMP on eBay for £6. It
arrived, in incredibly good condition with original pen and leather case,
no scratches and a 2MB Flash card. It also came with its original battery
pack which seems to have seen better days (it's leaked a little) and while
I do have my own Newton charger (to run the thing off the mains), it is
currently up in Scotland while I'm in England for at least the next four
months (and I'd rather have means to run this thing safely away from the

The upshot of all this is I was wondering if anyone knows of any channels,
aside from ebay, to either get a AAA battery sled for the OMP, locate a new
battery pack or get any advice on whether it's A) safe and B) worthwhile
trying to recell the slightly-leaked battery pack that I do have.

Sorry for the long introductory email, but wanted to be as detailed as


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