[NTLK] Apple abandons 'Newton' trademark, - Macworld UK

Connor Becker Northcott91 at gmx.com
Wed Feb 27 22:58:47 EST 2013

On 02/27/2013 10:44 PM, Tony Kan wrote:
> I wonder if this means we can make Newton T-Shirts without fear of legal
> action now...
> Cheers
> Tony Kan
Although the trademark has expired, in most countries the copyrights of 
any logos or written materials are still owned by Apple (i.e. the light 
bulb) and thus off-limits for t-shirts.  But we could use the name for a 
similar product without retribution (imagine a far future hand-held 
running a completed Einstein simulator, for example).

I am not a lawyer in any jurisdiction, but that's my understanding. If 
anyone could work out with Apple the use of the Newton logos, I would 
buy such a t-shirt, though:)


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