[NTLK] Newton Trademark

Tony Kan tonykan at xtra.co.nz
Thu Feb 28 22:44:30 EST 2013

Thanks for the informative response Matthias.  Having said that I'm sure I
bought a NewtonTalk T-shirt from somebody that had the Newton logo on it a
few years ago.  Does this mean they are contraband?


Tony Kan

New Zealand


If all Newton Trademarks's expired worldwide (which has to be verified) you
can use it. No other Apple product must be involved (iPhone, iPad). So much
for the theory.

Apple could still claim parts of the user interface (the horizontal line to
separate pages is patented, for example). Even if their claim could not be
defended, the pressure alone on you would be sufficient to give in and
abandon the project.

The NewtonOS itself is protected and will remain protected for many more
decades. It's unrelated to the trademark. Even a rewrite could violate
patents as explained earlier.

Apple is know to protect their assets aggressively. They have previously
flooded even smallest entities with lawsuits and will do so in the future. 

Or in short: don't!

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