[NTLK] Raspberry Pi and Newton OS Device (MessagePad or Emate)?

SteveCraft steve at craftsathome.net
Fri Jun 7 14:15:41 EDT 2013

Hopefully this has not been covered previously, I did not see any threads
about this in the archives.

In a recent issue of Juiced.GS magazine (a still-in-print mag for Apple II
and IIGS owners), there was a good article on using a Raspberry Pi to get a
II on a network, since the RPi is cheap and small and there is an image
called "A2Server" that emulates a classic Mac for speaking AppleTalk. The
price is right and configuration is near-turnkey.

So naturally I was thinking that there might be some applications of a RPi
for NewtOS, maybe bootstrapping or sync, or... something.

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