[NTLK] How to create a torrent..

Michael Tiernan michael.tiernan at gmail.com
Sat Jun 8 09:53:46 EDT 2013

It seems that I did it right, I just have to update trackers.

Now, with that said, I'd be glad to seed the Newton Museum torrent in
the broken down format.

I took all the contents of the disk image (dmg) file and put them into
a directory. I generated a listing of the contents and an MD5sum of
the files too.

I took that pile and created a torrent file from it but I've not
uploaded it to any of the trackers.

Would anyone like this? (More to the point, does anyone have a tracker
account already to upload the torrent?)

Once started, I'll leave the seed on my NAS to keep running and let
others get at it along with the unna and mirrors torrents already out

Here's a link to the torrent file in my box account:

Let me know.

Thanks for everyone's time.

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