[NTLK] Great to be back - and questions

Scott Hoffman hoffo at gmx.com
Mon Jun 10 11:56:00 EDT 2013

Good morning all,
      It's been a while - this talk of local (well, two hours from San Diego is as close as we get I guess...) Poutine has gotten me out of /lurk mode for a while and trying to get a few things back on line.  I've encountered a couple of issues and wanted to run them by you to see what you think.

48204 error when attempting to load Twitter from Courier to view feed only.
Have installed latest Courier (1.1.1,) NHttpLib,  Ntox, and Zlib, as well as IC/VC.  All are the latest versions.  Running last update to OS 2.1 (711000.) Wireless Newton - have all packages etc loaded and seeming to work properly with WaveLan Gold card. Courier seems to work with other websites without issue.
Startup error of  48809  after reset (pressing button) while loading applications on 32MB card, I *think* while loading "AudInBox:NewtsCape"
48204 path failed-missing package or soup?
48809 undefined method?
Are these conflicts with other packages I have loaded up?  Could it be that they aren't in the right places?  I've tried resetting the device to see if that helps to no avail. Courier packages are all on 32MB card.

Another question for you all - what is the package called Sunrise? I don't remember when I installed it or for what purpose. It doesn't seem to do anything.

Finally, one of these fine days I'll be trying my hand at running a web server on my 2000U... hoping to get packages downloaded soon. Any tips/tricks to know before venturing off into the wild Green yonder? :)

Take care and great to be back.  Will try to keep active but work's been a bear as of late.
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