[NTLK] Can anyone flash a Wavelan card for me for about $10?

hseldon @ gmail hseldon at wgu.edu
Fri Jun 14 17:00:10 EDT 2013

Personally I run two networks private and dmz. They are I different address space, cabling and a hardware dedicated firewall between them. The dmz is also behind another public firewall this makes it easier to handle guest access 

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On Jun 14, 2013, at 15:19, Noah Leon <moosefuel at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Scott,
> Thanks for your reply. I did try setting up my router's MAC address
> settings to only allow our own devices, and that worked for a while.
> However, we have a lot of WiFi devices now, plus visitors, so it's not
> practical anymore (our router has a limit on the number of MAC addresses).
> The WEP isn't great protection, but it keeps the nosy neighbours out. I
> check the logs once in a while to see if there are any strange MAC
> addresses accessing our network. So far nothing.
> I would be totally OK with purchasing a card from someone if they are not
> using it, as well. Eventually I'd like to get a phone plan that allows
> "tethering," and I could get my newt back online that way. However, that
> won't allow for any syncing with my iMac.
> I just would like to continue using the newt as a note-taking machine. I
> tried the Galaxy Note 8 at my local store, and while the HWR is pretty
> good, the interface is still obviously not quite designed to be a better
> "paper", the way a Newt is, so I figured I'd stick with what I enjoy using.
> noah
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