[NTLK] FS: SER-001 in an unopened package

iSpinn ispinn at gmail.com
Sun Jun 16 22:25:56 EDT 2013

Before PCBMan rolled up his awning and pulled his shingle in for the last
time, I bought an extra SER-001. I could use the cash right now, so it's up
for sale. I don't remember what I even paid for it. Easiest and fairest way
I can think of is to offer it to the list in an auction. I'll update the
price as often as I can at <www.ispinn.com/ser001.txt>

Please email me off list with your best offer by 10pm Pacific Time this
Wednesday. Ties go to the first person.

Shipping will likely be an extra $3 to $5.

In the interest of privacy, I'll leave it to the winner should they choose
to announce who they are.

Good luck everyone!

www.ispinn.com  |  ispinn at gmail.com

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