[NTLK] [OT] New twist on Poutine (Archer version)

Andrei Chichak andrei at chichak.ca
Thu Mar 7 13:01:50 EST 2013

On 2013-March-07, at 9:06 AM, Andrew Beals wrote:

> Christian & Andrei -
> Do you guys still shoot film? ;)

No, I've got a Canon AE-1 and a T-70, but they just sit in a box now. Film got too spendy, and the companies that can hand adjust their machines to push-process film, or even make sure that the colours are correct, they just dried out and blew away.

In some ways populism works, like email, iPods, and Thai food, and others are just the fad of the week, like AltaVista, Blu-ray, and Justin Bieber.

I've still got my 19" analog CRT TV since there is nothing on anyway, and my turntable that plays my 10 feet of vinyl.

Now, get the heck off of my lawn,

Hipster before it was cool.

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