[NTLK] Tight fitting PC cards

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Tue Mar 26 00:39:51 EDT 2013

I have a large size linear flash card I use for backups using SBM.  The
problem I have is it that it is very tight and hard to eject from my MP
2000U.  It is the only card that has this problem.  There isn't a brand
name on it, but the label is unique.  Green background with several
colors of puzzle pieces arranged in a curve from the top to the bottom.
 I have had to send up using needle nose pliers to remove the card from
my MP2100U on two occasions (which I HATE doing, it is digging up the
plastic on the card).  I have compared the card to another one and I
really can't tell what is making it so tight.  They look identical in
size.  Anyone have any ideas/suggestions how I can fix this?

Barring that I guess I need to get another large size linear flash card
(16mb or larger).


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