[NTLK] Ethernet Dongle Dead?

Dana Gray dalexgray at mac.com
Tue Mar 26 01:42:23 EDT 2013

Dear NewtonTalk Users,
	Many thanks to Arcee, I'm now up and running and installing packages on my Newton via serial.  Very cool!  I have run into a funny problem with my Ethernet card. (3com 3C589D)  I think my card's dongle might be bad.  Allow me to explain.
	I followed Frank's instructions on pda-soft.de to install the necessary packages from NIE plus the specific drivers for the card.
	I used the internet setup assistant to make an ethernet profile, again by Frank's instructions.
	I installed the package to connect to NCX via ethernet.
	I tried connecting to NCX... failed after not finding a desktop
	I tried sending mail using MailV... failed connecting to DHCP server
	I restarted my router a few times, power reset the Newton, and also manually configured the ethernet profile... now it fails to resolve the hostname.
	When the Newton tries to use the card the light on the dongle comes on but the lights on the ethernet switch that the Newton is plugged into stay dark.  I'm positive the ethernet cable is good; I just used it with another machine.  I tried testing for continuity on the dongle with my multimeter but got nothing.  Also my router shows no history of the Newton connecting.
	Has anyone had a similar problem?  Is there a good way to test this?
Best Regards,

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