[NTLK] Looking for people who will traval USA -> Europe in the foreseeable future

Frank Gruendel newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Thu Oct 3 14:48:56 EDT 2013

Hi all,

I need to get a small tablet computer (1st generation Nexus 7) from the USA
to Germany.

For a variety of reasons not worth going into here I want it to be shipped
with standard USPS postal services, not with one of the privately owned
services like UPS, FedEx etc. Unfortunately, USPS appears to be refusing any
shipments destined to Germany that contain LiIon batteries, even if they are
built into a device. They say this is because Germany is prohibiting inbound
shipments of devices containing this type of battery.


Since these days almost every electronic device out there is powered from
LiIon batteries, I find this a tad confusing. Amazon alone sends thousands
of devices like this via DHL to German destinations every day. So I called
DHL, the postal service who'd deliver the tablet once it has reached the
German border and passed German customs officials. The guy I talked to
wasn't aware of such a regulation, but neither was he able confirm there is

Since I'd rather not risk having this thing discarded or sent back because
Merry ol' Germany won't allow it across its borders, I'm now looking for
someone who intends to travel to Germany in the foreseeable future and who'd
be willing to take it along and send it my way.

Thanks in advance


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