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Paul Schumann pschumann at mac.com
Fri Oct 4 15:34:15 EDT 2013

I almost never reply to these things, but you got me interested. I have a LaserWriter Pro 630 which was working quite well until recently. I didn't have any "new" Macs and so I wasn't bothered by the loss of AppleTalk which occurred during one of the system upgrades. But now I have a Retina machine and the latest OS version. I thought, no problem, since I still had the first Intel Mini (which isn't upgradable to the AppleTalk-less OSes either).

In practice, since my printer is off MUCH more than it is on (I don't print much anymore), it now doesn't really like to wake up when turned on. The lights blink in an odd pattern and that's it. I suspect that there is some sort of power-supply problem that is preventing completion of the POST. But if I am VERY patient, I have actually printed with it in its current condition.

I'm not that patient anymore...

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>> Nope.   Got rid of my Stylewriters years ago, and Laser Writer?   HA!  
>> Where would you find one of those?
> Couldn't resist replying on this one – we have a Laserwriter 12/640 STILL chugging away in our offices (publishing company, UK). It's been running for at least 18 years, and probably longer.
> The only challenge - and I quite look forward to it - is sourcing toner every couple of years or so ...
> Russ, UK
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