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Laurence W Brown lwb at mac.com
Sat Oct 26 01:48:44 EDT 2013

The bold form looks pretty good - mostly readable.
In that weight, tho, the openings, or breaks, in the letters seem shorter than as in the thinner weight, and those large breaks make those very much thinner letters quite a bit harder to read. I suggest going the other direction: as the weight gets heavier, the breaks can get bigger, while as the letters get thin, the breaks need to be shorter...
I also have serious difficulty figuring out the letter that could be an "R" but seems wrong in the phrase:
  tsuno de jrt ar  ??
Similarly, the small "r" is hard to read until you see it several times.
Esthetically, I don't care much for that style of small r, d, and b - using a small-form where most of the other small letters are small-caps... (For some reason, tho, the e & i don't bother me as much - not at all logical, I admit!) But, since using that particular style is a just a matter of taste, perhaps adding a touch of serif, or using a sloped line somewhere (perhaps for the shorter verticals, or for the upper horizontals), might make those 3 letters seem less out of place...

Thanks for the request - I love fonts!

-Larry Brown

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On Oct 25, 2013, at 20:35, Vladislav Korotnev <vladkorotnev at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello everyone. 
> A friend of mine and I are trying our hand at designing a font. 
> The font was meant to be blocky, decorative, for use in Hi-tech project logos and posters and so on. 
> Here is what we have so far:
> http://savepic.su/3657037.png
> So, what i would like to ask is, what do you think of this font concept and what we need to enhance in order to make it look better?
> Thanks. 
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