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Dale Raby daleraby at gmail.com
Sat Oct 26 12:45:25 EDT 2013

I think it could benefit from a "thicker" weight. It does look kind of
high-tech... maybe what printed English would look like in a couple
thousand years of linguistic migration. My biggest gripe, though, is
that I had trouble reading it. The first order of business for any font
(and/or logo, title, etc.) in the digital age is to be legible and/or
recognizable. Back in the days of the first moveable type, there were
other considerations like physical wear of the type face... which is how
the almost illegible Old English Text type came to be. Now you don't
have that issue, but you have so many fonts out there that you have to
be careful what you do for fear of infringing on copyright. The letter
"A", though, still has to look like the letter "A" or nobody will know
what it is.

This is a BIG project. Good luck with it.


On 10/25/2013 10:35 PM, Vladislav Korotnev wrote:
> Hello everyone. 
> A friend of mine and I are trying our hand at designing a font. 
> The font was meant to be blocky, decorative, for use in Hi-tech project logos and posters and so on. 
> Here is what we have so far:
> http://savepic.su/3657037.png
> So, what i would like to ask is, what do you think of this font concept and what we need to enhance in order to make it look better?
> Thanks. 
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