[NTLK] Items for sale

Diane Palumbo dianejean at hughes.net
Sun Oct 27 14:37:26 EDT 2013

I bought these items when I had a passion for all things Newton and I have never really gotten around to giving them the attention they deserve. I have finally admitted to myself that it will probably not happen and I'm offering them to the list first, and then eBay. 

I have not priced them so I'm hoping I can list them as best offer. 

I have the following: 

1 MessagePad 2100 with original stylus (I have not modified this at all. I dusted it off and it boots up and screen has not scratches, it is in excellent condition case wise). It comes with a modified black leather Calisé case that was included when I bought it. 

1 3Com Etherlink III LAN PC Card for 10Base-T (3C589D-TP) 

1 Centennial Linear Flash PC Card 

1 Megahertz by Robotics XJ4288 PC Card Modem with XJACK Connector 

1 MessagePad 120 (It boots but has issues with the screen, gives the appearance of a screen with a protector that has bubbled, but I don't believe there is a protector on it. When I tried it last week, the writing screen works but could not get a response from the lower icons. The red IrDa light protector is cracked.) Has the plastic Newton card that goes in the PC slot and the original stylus and a hunter green Mead case. 

1 Newton Serial Adapter for MessagePad 2000 or eMate 300 still in unopened package. 

1 Newton Keyboard, model X0044 in original black case 

1 Ser-001 Serial Port which I never installed, comes with instructions. It was bought 2003 

1 Newton Fax Modem 

1 Newton Power Adapter, Output 7V 

1 Newton Power Adapter, Output 9V 

1 Newton Message Pad 2000 Pen, in packaging 

4 Newton Message Pad 2000 Pens knockoffs, I believe but exactly like originals. 

Funny thing about Newton, although I barely used them many years ago, you form an emotional attachment. 

Anyway, sometimes you just have to let go. 


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