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Lord Groundhog lordgroundhog at gmail.com
Thu Sep 19 12:28:16 EDT 2013

~~~ On 2013/09/19 05:06, Doctor Clu at drclu at swbell.net wrote ~~~

> Oh... thought it was a prototype Newton the size of a wrist watch.
> Silly me....
> On 9/18/13 10:41 PM, William T wrote:
>> I think this is way overpriced, but it looks quite cool.  Thought you guys
>> would appreciate it.
>> http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Vintage-Apple-Computer-NEWTON-PDA-Wrist-Watch-19
>> 93-AUTHENTIC-/290621501648?pt=US_Vintage_Computing_Manuals_Merchandise&hash=i
>> tem43aa6430d0
>> Cheers!

You wouldn't want to be limited to writing on your wrist.  :-P

I have a similar watch with the (old, "proper") Apple logo on it.  It
certainly didn't cost that kind of money or I wouldn't have it.



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