[NTLK] Installing NewtonWorks - BANG!

Dave Mee davemee at gmail.com
Sun Sep 22 09:00:31 EDT 2013

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to the amazing Frank Gruendel, I've managed to get my old 2100 online. I've degraded all my networking gear to handle it. I've struggled making NCX hold a connection - I thought this may have been my crunky Mac, but same problems on a shiny new machine.

Regardless - I managed to get Apache running on my Mac, dropped the UNNA torrent archive under my document root, and told Apache to add the correct mime type to .pkg files via a small .htaccess tweak - this has at least allowed me to browse and install software (I think Frank made sure I'd have IC/VC in place already).

And it's been surprisingly effective, actually.

However, when I try to install NewtonWorks from the UNNA archive, I see a progress bar - then the screen greys out, and the newton freezes. A very hard free, necessitating the removal of battery, mains, and the provision of a jabbing action to the reset button.

Has anyone else come across this? Is it likely to be my slowly failing mac drive, or is this a problem other people have seen before?

Thanks - in advance - for any suggestions! Derision equally welcome!


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