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John Goggan jgoggan-newtontalk at dcgtech.com
Thu Sep 26 17:54:28 EDT 2013

Hi all!  Been a LONG while since I posted here.  In fact, I just went searching through the archives to see when I was last "active" on the list -- and it appears to be 2003!  I can't believe a decade has gone by!  :(

In any case, I used to be really into the Newton -- as most of you likely were/are...  But the other day I decided to clean out my basement a bit and slowly tracked down all of the Newton items that I had acquired previously.  Unfortunately, I haven't used any of them in the past 5+ years either.  I've decided to sell it all.  I'd like to sell it all as one big package if anyone might be interested?  I really don't know what the value would be for most of this.  I did some searching on EBay and see that some items have some value, but there just aren't a lot of completed auctions to compare to.  So, I thought that I'd simply post a big list of everything that I have collected over the years -- and see if I can get some insight from the list on the best way to sell it.  If someone here wants it all and wants to make an offer -- then great!  If I need to part it out, then I'll consider it.  Or if people just prefer I put the whole lot on EBay and just let it all go to the high!
 est bidd
er, I'm willing to do that too.  Please let me know what you think.

Here's the list:

(1) MessagePad 2100
  - Has switch for optional faster clock speed (5MHZ crystal) hack!
  - This was my personal every-day Newton, so it has seen some usage/wear.
(2) MessagePad 2100s
  - Screen protectors installed
  - Not used nearly as much. One was a spare and the other my wife's.
(1) MessagePad 2000
  - May have been upgraded to 2100?  [Remind me again how to tell/check??]
(1) MessagePad 120 w/ expanding metal stylus
(3-4) MP2x00 Rechargeable battery packs
(1) MP2x00 AA-battery tray
(1) MP120 Rechargeable battery pack
(2) AC Power Supplies
(1) "Defying Gravity" hardcover book
(?) Extra WriteRight screen protectors
(3) 2MB official Apple-brand Newton memory cards
(1) 12MB Pretec-brand memory card
(1) 24MB Pretec-brand memory card
(1) 32MB Pretec-brand memory card
(5) 8MB no-name/Intel memory cards
(1-2) Newton Getting Started cards
(2) Motorola CELLnet 14.4k PCMCIA modem cards
(1) card-to-phone-plug cable
(1) card-to-cell-phone cable
(1) Motorola 650 FlipPhone (that worked with the CELLnet card)
(?) Various original manuals and such from the original packaging
(3) Metal MP2x00 styluses (styli?)
(4-5) plastic Newton PCMCIA slot blanks
(1) Brand-new/shrinkwrapped Newton Faxmodem
(1) Used Newton Faxmodem
(2) sheets of 2 Apple stickers
(2) sheets of 2 Newton stickers
(1) Newton keyboard
(1) Newton case (for MP2x00) with a Newton keyboard in very good condition
(1) NewtBoot case in very good condition
(2) official? Newton leather cases (for MP2x00)
(1) Newton leather case (for MP120) with larger battery pack
(1) Folding solar charger with Newton adapter tip
(Many) Software packs, including:
  - TimeReporter
  - QuickFigure Works
  - Pocket Quicken Connect
  - NetHopper
  - Paper Pak
  - En Route
  - Backgammon
  - Action Names
  - Notion
  - AMUG Totally Newton Collection CD
  - Newton Pin

Note that condition is fairly "unknown" on all of the rechargeable packs.  All of them were dead from being in storage, of course.  A couple of them I plugged in for about 5 minutes and then pulled the AC cord out and the Newtons stayed on for a little bit, at least -- so they held SOME charge.  But I really have no idea if they are usable for any long-term stuff.  So, keep that in mind.

You can see some quick photos here (I can get more detailed ones later if you need them):


If you have any questions, just let me know!  Thank you!

  - John...

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