[NTLK] [Spam] Bullet Journal

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Thu Sep 26 22:07:22 EDT 2013

On 9/26/2013 4:49 PM, Steven Frank wrote:
> Just throwing this link out because I'm willing to bet there's an overlap between Newton fans and people who like reading about organization methodologies:
> 	http://www.bulletjournal.com/
> This is one guy's approach to laying out a notebook (any paper notebook) to track calendar events, note items, and to-do items, that seems well organized without being needlessly fussy.
> It would be cool (for certain definitions of cool) to do this on a Newton.  It seems like something particularly well-suited for a Newton stationery.  Even the built-in checklist stationery would get you pretty far.
> Can't shake the feeling though that it would still be quicker to flip through the pages of a paper notebook than the rather laggy scrolling of Notes.  
> iOS apps, though they certainly scroll quickly, still haven't produced anything that feels as "complete" as a Newton with MoreInfo.  But mostly my Newtons live at home in the closet now because of weight and size.
> I've been keeping a (paper) bullet journal for about a month now and I'm torn -- part of me likes it better than any digital solution I've ever tried, and part of me thinks it's silly to use paper when the one thing I'm always guaranteed to have with me is digital (my iPhone).
> Steven

I never had a problem with speed on my 2100.  It could keep up as fast
as i could type.  The only slowness came from when it tried to read my
handwriting.  But even then it did a better job of it then I did
sometimes.  Usually though, I just typed it, it was simpler and faster.
 And being that my handwriting is so bad, I can't trust it to a standard
paper setting.

I had a dayrunner for years, but always the problem of my handwriting
came up sooner or later no matter how hard I tried.  All of that was
fixed once I got my Newt.

I don't have a iphone or ipad, but I do have a Android tablet, and it
just doesn't replace my Newt.  I do sometimes jot notes in it, but then
import them back to my Newt later on.  All the apps just don't work like
I want.  Not to mention I don't like typing on it.  Yes I know they make
keyboards for Android, but I don't have those and I already have my 2100. :)

Like I said, I just haven't found a good replacment apps.  I am starting
to think Einstein is the way to go.  I need to get the Android version
and give that a spin.  Anyone know if the import/export of data issue
was ever fixed?  Last I knew it was hard to get data in and out of Einstein.


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