[NTLK] My indiegogo campaign for iOSEinstein

Marisa Giancarla fstltna at me.com
Thu Aug 28 05:19:39 EDT 2014

Hi! Im thinking maybe some of you have not received my updates from indiegogo so i am putting a note here where most backers came from. Those who pledged $25 got the source to one if my ipad games, and those who pledged $50 got the source to ALL my games. So far none of these have been claimed. Please contact me if this is you. :)

If you did not pledge on the project but still want iOSEinstein you can get information on doing that here: http://bit.ly/1r53SjF


LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/marisagiancarla
Opensim City: https://OpensimCity.org
Opensim Radio: http://radio.opensimcity.org:8188
Empire Directory: https://EmpireDirectory.net
Lugdunon City: https://LugdunonCity.org
IndieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/company/pocketfiction-pocketgames4me

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