[NTLK] UNNA is down

Morgan Aldridge morgant at makkintosshu.com
Wed Dec 3 07:16:43 EST 2014

Looks like you hit the site during the backup window. The server that runs
UNNA and a couple other sites has a backup window between 2am & 4am
(Eastern time, so currently -0500 GMT DST) where it systematically takes
each site offline to perform a full snapshot, then brings them back up. I
apologize that this isn't particularly global friendly at the moment, I
just haven't had the time to rewrite it.

Thinking out loud here, I think my priorities for UNNA for the immediate
future are as follows:

1) Improve backups so there's no downtime
2) Rewrite mirroring support, so we can have more redundancy again
3) Finish getting WikiWikiNewt ported over to the new platform (we were
part of the way there)

I'll try to lay out a roadmap by the new year (work has taken over my life
this year).

Thanks again for reporting this to remind me of the importance!


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