[NTLK] Einstein Setting Date & Time and Package Loading

Mike Monaco mikemonaco at mac.com
Wed Dec 3 07:41:30 EST 2014

Hello all,

I recently got Einstein running on my iPad Mini Retina.  The iPad is running IOS 8.1.  Thanks to everyone who assisted with resolving the startup issues with IOS 8.1.

Since loading it I haven't been able to:

     1) set the date time correctly.  
             If I set the date and time it simply reverts back on some earlier date/time.

     2) load packages.  
             I was able to use iTunes APP section to load the ROM packages, so I know that works.  
             But when I put other packages in the "Documents" section they don't get loaded.  

Because of issue #2 I haven't been able to load the Y2K patch, which maybe the trouble with issue #1.

Anyway, I would really appreciate any advice, or if you can point me to a good user guide.  


Mike Monaco

MP 110, 130, 2000U, 2100

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