[NTLK] Einstein Xcode project cleanup

Steven Frank stevenf at panic.com
Wed Dec 3 11:29:59 EST 2014

> On Dec 3, 2014, at 4:07 AM, Jake Bordens <jake at allaboutjake.com> wrote:
> All this work to 
> find out what was already known... That being able to simulate the MMU is 
> going to be key, and that's beyond my understanding.

Same. I think Matthias's stated end goal is to get rid of MMU simulation completely by writing native versions of the ROM functions that depend on it.  The main thing preventing me from making any meaningful contributions toward that end is I'm not aware of any master list of those functions that we could use as a to-do list.  I'd also need a few concrete examples of how to analyze and reimplement a ROM function (for example, how/where do I find out: what are the arguments, what registers are they in, what does it do, what should it return, where are the data structures documented, etc) to get started.

> I'm not sure about GitHub etiquette either.  I'm fine with whatever.  I'll 
> probably clone your repo the next time I need to make some changes.

OK, it might be best if I just screw up my own fork then, rather than shoving stuff into yours.  It's possible that Paul's master repo may move to GitHub someday and we can all sync back up to that if it happens.

> The official branch seems to value 
> backwards compatibility to XCode2 and iOS 3.2 if I recall.  I'm not sure 
> how much of that should be maintained anymore.

I don't think it's of any practical use any more.  I removed all the pre-Xcode 6 projects from my fork, and updated the Mac deployment target from 10.7 to 10.8.  At this point iOS 6 is probably a reasonable minimum for the iOS build, maybe even 7.  Then we can make your storyboard implementation the new standard.

(BTW -- All of the above should just be considered my opinion; I'm not trying to hijack the project from anyone, just hoping to come to a consensus on how best to move forward!)


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