[NTLK] Einstein Xcode project cleanup

Steven Frank stevenf at panic.com
Wed Dec 3 14:53:56 EST 2014

> On Dec 3, 2014, at 10:14 AM, Jake Bordens <jake at allaboutjake.com> wrote:
> Unsurprisingly, of the 18978 symbols in this range which are likely 
> functions, 18747 make calls out to managed memory. (~98%)

Ouch. But (just confirming I understand), cjit lets us reconstruct those natively so we don't have to simulate the MMU any more?

In other words, we don't have to manually rewrite all 18,000+ functions?  :)

> Around 1900 functions can't be generated by the cjit command in the 
> monitor because they use an instruction that hasn't been implanted by the 
> decompiler. Biggest offenders seem to be those floating point instructions 
> mentioned by Matthias and the SWI software interrupt instruction.

It would be great if Matthias could check in and let us know how we could help with those.  Don't want to duplicate effort, especially really hard effort!  But at the same time, happy and eager to help in literally any way possible.

> I was thinking that I could throw a web front end on this for people to 
> walk through the ROM.  Maybe with some comments fields and such for 
> developers to collaborate.  I dunno.

Funny, I actually had that at one point.  The disassembly in MySQL, and a PHP front-end so you could browse, jump to an address, etc.  I wonder if I kept any of that code... It was pretty gross.


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