[NTLK] PackageBuddy support for NewTen

Jake Bordens jake at allaboutjake.com
Wed Dec 10 17:28:21 EST 2014

Hi everyone.

I needed to get some packages off my MP2000+ and I decided the easiest way 
would be to reverse engineer PackageBuddy and build a desktop receiver 
application.  (Okay, okay... Probably not the easiest method, but I wanted 
a receiver application anyway)

PackageBuddy actually uses a really simple protocol, but it used the Apple 
DILs, so the serial stream is encoded using Microcom Networking Protocol 
(MNP).  Figuring out how that worked was actually the hardest part.

Steven's "NewTen" application had a pre-existing implementation of MNP, so 
I added a new button for receiving a PackageBuddy transmission.

I am using a TRENDnet USB-to-Serial adapter and a PC (DB9) cable and a PC 
Newton serial cable.  Hence, I choose "PC" in PackageBuddy (not Mac, which 
was designed for Apple Serial connections or AppleTalk networking, I 
think)   I'm not sure if the Mac option works or is necessary when you're 
using a Keyspan adapter.  I'd be interested in knowing that if someone 
cares to test...  I don't have a Keyspan adapter of my own to test with.

In my tests, the packages come off nicely, and reinstall as expected.

Anyway, you can find the source in my fork here: 

I'll eventually send a push to Steven's original repo eventually, but for 
now a little more testing.

PackageBuddy was freeware, and I put a copy of the the original 
distribution in GitHub along with the source code.  Also I pulled the 
original website as a PDF from the internet archive.  Very nostalgic. 
Tactile made some good stuff!

Hope people find this useful.


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