[NTLK] Online with a WPA2 network.

Jake Bordens jake at allaboutjake.com
Sun Dec 14 19:54:23 EST 2014

Thanks for the tip.  The NH patches definitely improve things, and I can 
load pages now.  DNS lookups are still slow, on the order of 20 seconds.

I have some more investigation to do.  I want to see why the port doesn’t 
do the 230.4kbps that the documents say it should be able to do.  You can 
ask for that baud rate, but in reality you get get 115200bps.  The docs 
also mention an external clock allowing speeds up to 2 megabits, but I 
don’t see any clock lines anywhere, so I’m not quite sure how that’s 
supposed to work.  I don’t think it matters because the module isn’t 
designed to push its own clock with the UARTs.

I also was thinking that it might be possible to get an old PCMCIA modem 
and strip out the modem bits.  Like this guy: 
http://www.electricstuff.co.uk/diyserial.html  Seems like there would be 
room in there to put this module.  Would just need to find a place to 
stick the antenna.


On 12/14/14, 8:27 PM, "Daniel Padilla" <daniel.padilla at gmail.com> wrote:

>Also,  you can try to install the nethopper patches.
>El 14/12/2014 20:46, "Grant Hutchinson" <grant at splorp.com> escribió:
>> On 2014-12-13, at 4:19 PM, Jake Bordens wrote:
>> > Nethopper doesn't really work on any sites anymore (that I could 
>> You're going to find that this is the case for Newt's Cape and Courier 
>> well, since numerous sites are switching to https from http as their
>> default protocol.
>> Unless we're able to get SSL working on the Newton (or we're prepared to
>> surf via some sort of slow, hacked together https or page rendering 
>> the web is going to be increasingly unavailable to us and our little 
>> friends.
>> g.
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