[NTLK] eMate Battery Indicator

Gregg McFarland dolbie at gmail.com
Sun Dec 14 22:03:04 EST 2014

I forgot to mention that the light is lit even when the eMate is unplugged. 


On Dec 14, 2014, at 6:37 PM, Frank Gruendel <newtontalk at pda-soft.de> wrote:

>> I just rebuilt the battery pack on one of my eMates and 
>> while the new pack takes a charge and seems to be working 
>> normally the power LED is constantly on. It was yellow/orange 
>> before the charge and once fully charged the status light 
>> remains on green all the time while the eMate is on or off. 
>> Do you have any idea what might be wrong? Gregg
> As long as the power adapter is connected, the LED will, regardless of
> whether the eMate is switched on, either be orange or green. Orange means
> the eMate is currently being charged, green means it's fully charged. The
> LED will only go out if you unplug the AC adapter.
> Frank
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