[NTLK] NSM alpha 3

Matej Horvat matej.horvat at guest.arnes.si
Mon Dec 15 17:35:22 EST 2014

I have finally released alpha 3 of NSM, my NewtonScript virtual machine.

It brings a lot of new functionality, such as a native code interface  
(allowing NewtonScript code to call platform-specific functions), a  
NEWT/0-compatible file I/O library (made possible with native code),  
better performance (up to 5 times as fast), better documentation, an OS X  
version for the x86-64 architecture, and of course many bug fixes. The  
global function library has over 30 new functions as well. It is now also  
possible to use DyneTK to create packages for NSM.

You can get it (including documentation and example code) on my Web site:


Have fun!

Matej Horvat

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