[NTLK] NEWT/0 set-aref bug

Jon Glass jonglass at usa.net
Wed Dec 17 02:39:03 EST 2014

On Tue Dec 16 2014 at 11:13:23 PM Matthias Melcher <mm at matthiasm.com> wrote:

> Whoa whoa whoa, what's going one here?
> Since the start of December, we have moved Einstein to JIT, Paul
> resurfaced, Simon resurfaces, Grant, Jake, Frank. Even I suddenly seem to
> have some time. That is amazing!

Remember how a few months ago, something happened that turned all the
subscribers who had been set to "no-mail" back to receiving emails again? I
wonder if that has any influence. I know that I, for one, when it happened,
decided to keep receiving emails. Maybe these guys are in the same boat. I
don't have any "skillz" to offer, but others do, and maybe the extra
activity has spurred people on?

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