[NTLK] Clockwork eMate (was: Hi All! This is probably a dumb idea...)

Mark Crutch mark.crutch at gmail.com
Tue Dec 23 06:20:18 EST 2014

> This is probably a dumb idea, and asking the question will betray my
> questionable grasp of things electrical, but here goes:
> Would it be feasible to create an external battery pack that plugs into
> the power adaptor socket of an eMate?
> I'm thinking of one that could be loaded with
> 4 AA non-rechargeables, for use when you are out of power with the
> internal batteries but lack access to mains power (for instance, when
> camping).
> You see such devices-often rechargeable-for latter-day devices like
> iPhones.

A bit of a late reply, and not directly answering the question, but many
years ago I remember seeing Trevor Baylis, inventor of the clockwork radio,
demonstrating a "clockwork computer" on a TV programme here in the UK (I
think it was "Tomorrow's World", but the internet only wants to give me
links to his appearance on there with the radio). Basically he'd taken the
innards from a clockwork radio and connected it to an eMate. It was
described in contemporary accounts as "an Apple notebook", which is true up
to a point, but probably misled a few people into expecting clockwork Macs
the following year.

As far as I know it never got past the prototype stage, but given that you
can buy clockwork phone chargers quite easily these days, it might be
something to investigate further.


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