[NTLK] Newton Server

Greg Goodwin drclu at swbell.net
Sun Dec 28 18:34:30 EST 2014

So I love my Newton MessagePads and they have been essentially unused since 2005-2006.   Got PowerPC G4 laptops at that point, and the Newtons were just not as useful.

But they are so cute in their own way.   Even to this day though the file sharing is horrible, what Newtons can do in their own little world is adorable.

Had the Newtons plugged up for years to preserve the batteries, which has mostly worked.  Since they turn themselves back on all the time I figured might as well put them to use.  I have one Newton (out of two) that is being used as a Newton Server.

I need to do the following:

1) adjust the webpage to open up more functions.  At this point if just says who I am, and you can see messages written.

Here is what it currently says:

NewtonOS Personal Data Sharing

This Newton Belongs To:

Greg Goodwin
Email: drclu at swbell.net
Pager: Web*Pager

Browse My .

Search My Names Database:

Enter Search Terms Separated By Spaces. 
Example: Wu Garden Chicago

Notes in my Notepad:

No Files Available
Notes Posted Via the WWW:

Hi world
Post a Note Using: Whiteboard

Search My Notepad:

This server is registered on this

You're Reading Page #367 Served By This Newton.

It's 12/28/08 5:30 pm Here in Dallas, TX.

MOTD: Greg & Kim's Newt Land.

2) I believe I need to patch the Newton to work beyond 2010?   Are there any other updates I should know about?



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