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Ed Kummel tech_ed at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 18 23:34:18 EST 2014

I am sorry about that.

I had a server failure...I just found out this weekend that the problem is most likely a motherboard. This server was an ESXi server that ran 3 VMs (AD server, SQL server and an IIS server which also ran Cold Fusion) I don't know when I'm going to be able to get it back up and running...if ever. I've got the webserver back on another ESXi server, but I don't have enough resources on this one ESXi server to run SQL...
Until I get another server to replace my failed one, I won't be serving any .pkgs...Sorry.
I have another machine in the wings..an older machine. Just have to repurpose a hard drive and set it up...but then, there's the time to do this...my new job comes with a 3 hour round-trip commute, and this eats into my spare time!
I'm hoping to have something up soon...(like by the end of February?)
Someone offered to host my site for me...but since I designed my site to download on all Newtons regardless of the HTML version, the whole thing runs off of Cold Fusion...so there really is no site to run! Everything is dynamic and runs off of data on the SQL server...PKGs are BLOBS in the database as well as the actual code. All pages are generated on the fly on request. So unless someone is running Cold Fusion 4.5, there's not much of a site to run!

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Does anyone know newton.tek-ed.com is gone for good? I haven't been able to connect for the past few weeks and Ed Kummel hasn't posted since mid-2013.

I really liked being able to download pkg files directly on my 2100.


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