[NTLK] Cornell University researches the Newton: Invitation for contributors

Tony Kan tonykan at xtra.co.nz
Thu Jan 9 09:29:50 EST 2014

Hi Folks
Susie Forbath is writing a thesis on a comparison of the Dynabook, the
Newton eMate and the iPad.
Her academic interests lie in the paths not taken in designing technology.
Susie wants to take a look at the ideas from the Dynabook and Newton that
were not embodied in the iPad to see if they could inspire future technology
She is looking for any material that looks at the design philosophy of the
Dynabook, Newton and iPad user interface and experience.  
Susie would like to hear from community members about what elements of the
Newton that have not been implemented in the iPad that would contribute
greatly to the user's utility, especially but probably not limited to an
educational context.  
If you are located in the Ithaca, NY area and an active user of the eMate
300, then she would like to hear from you. 
Send your ideas and contributions to the email address she has created for
this research project: applenewtonproject at gmail.com.  
Tony Kan
New Zealand

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