[NTLK] Please oh please stop assailing Grant with digest mode requests. Here's a tutorial how to do it yourself...

Frank Gruendel newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Thu Jan 9 18:58:03 EST 2014


Folks, we currently have 935 non-digested NewtonTalk members. Optimistically
assuming that it would take Grant 30 seconds to put a subscriber back to
digest mode, it would take about 8 hours. Providing that Grant doesn't eat,
drink or use the bathroom during that time and doesn't take his hands off
the keyboard for even a second until this is finished.

>From the mails he's currently sending to the list, I'm getting the
impression that right now our list dad is doing his very best resolving more
important issues of mutual interest. In a nutshell, he's spending his
precious time on getting this list back to normal, which we all want.

You DID manage to subscribe to NewtonTalk without Grant's help, didn't you?
Getting your account back to digest mode is just as easy. Promised. I just
did it. And I'm far from being a mailing list expert.

Here's a step by step tutorial...

1) Direct the browser of your choice to

2) Scroll down to the section titled "NewtonTalk Subscribers"

3) Enter the E-Mail address you are using for NewtonTalk and your password.
In case you've forgotten your password: It is in the mail with the subject
line "Welcome to the "Newtontalk" mailing list" that you received a couple
of hours ago.

4) Click on "Visit Subscriber List".

5) In the disguised E-Mail address list, click on your E-Mail address.

6) Scroll down to the "Set Digest Mode" section.

7) Click on "On".

8) Scroll all the way down.

9) Click on "Submit my changes".

That's it. Easy as pie. Takes but 30 seconds. Promised. Even your's truly
managed to figure out how to do it.


-- Newton software and hardware at http://www.pda-soft.de

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