[NTLK] FreeKey Keyboard Adapter

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I just spotted this Newton FreeKey keyboard adapter on Jan Stoltenhoff's Instagram feed.


If anyone has one of these devices that they'd like to sell of trade for, let me know.

More information on Frank's site:


Ha. I gave mine to Frank. ;-)

And Grant (and other holdouts), I know it's been a long time since I posted (or even got email from the list: I've been on no-mail for a few years, which setting was also reset by the move), but you have my deepest respect for keeping the list going, and for putting up with the sorry behavior of so many people. I used to think that the NTLK community was full of people who  cared about each other, and other people, but the behavior of some people in the past few days has really disappointed me, but it has also reminded me that there are good people here, and I'm very grateful to have known you guys. :-)

And since I've now posted, I'm dying to know, how many of you active members are still using your Newtons? If so, how many are using modern Macs, and how, or do you connect them? I was able to get all my Newton data off my Newtons before my last serial-based Mac gave up its ghost, so now, my Newtons, were I to try to use them, would be isolated silos, and that just doesn't work for me... I desperately miss my Newton, with its paper roll--which, for me, at least, was its killer app. The iPhone doesn't have that--I use notes and Reminders, but they just aren't the same--no outlines, no checklists, no stationery--nothing... And I no longer have a jail-broken iPhone, so no Einstein. :-( So, curious how you guys are using your Newtons still...

-Jon Glass
Krakow, Poland
jonglass at usa.net

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