[NTLK] FreeKey Keyboard Adapter

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Mon Jan 13 18:21:57 EST 2014

Hello Jon,
Long time no see!  I am still using my newton quite a bit.  I don't use
a Mac, I connect using Virtual PC running Windows 98.  That seems to be
the best solution.  I don't even need to use Slowdown at all. :)  My
current machine doesn't have a serial port, so I use a keyspan USB to
serial which works well.  :)

I am still surprised that so many newton aspects are just not done these
days.  It is not that hard to add features that made the Newton so
usable and handy.  Most of the apps now just feel like three steps back.
 Of course the display is far more advanced, but the software (except
for connectivity) is really really really lacking.  I am hoping Einstein
continues to improve on the Android.  But another thing that all the
current tablets lack compared to the Newton: Standard Batteries!  Yes it
adds weight but wow what a benefit.  Probably the days of old fashioned
AA sized devices are long gone as companies now "plan" for the device to
fail in a few years, or at least the batteries always do and most people
buy a new device at that point.  It is one of the huge "sticking points"
with me of devices these days.


On 1/13/2014 3:42 AM, Jon wrote:

> And since I've now posted, I'm dying to know, how many of you active members are still using your Newtons? If so, how many are using modern Macs, and how, or do you connect them? I was able to get all my Newton data off my Newtons before my last serial-based Mac gave up its ghost, so now, my Newtons, were I to try to use them, would be isolated silos, and that just doesn't work for me... I desperately miss my Newton, with its paper roll--which, for me, at least, was its killer app. The iPhone doesn't have that--I use notes and Reminders, but they just aren't the same--no outlines, no checklists, no stationery--nothing... And I no longer have a jail-broken iPhone, so no Einstein. :-( So, curious how you guys are using your Newtons still...
> -Jon Glass
> Krakow, Poland
> jonglass at usa.net

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