[NTLK] Einstein on Apple handhelds, OT: My vote is for the electric VW

Matthias Melcher mm at matthiasm.com
Sun Jan 19 08:54:26 EST 2014

On 17.01.2014, at 14:02, Noah Leon <moosefuel at gmail.com> wrote:

> I love hearing about electric conversions. Someone mentioned a VW electric something or other. 

Oh, thanks: http://matthiasm.com/evVan.html

> But my question, just to throw some Newty-goodness into this mix, is whether there is a good build of Einstein somewhere which I could get onto my new iPad air. With the keyboard folio, this machine feels eerily like using my eMate. Is anyone running Einstein on an iPad?

On the source code side, iOS is supported. However, in order to run software on Apple handheld devices, you MUST go through the Apple store or a licensed Apple developer. The Apple Store will not approve of Einstein (we have tried and have been rejected for three reasons, none of them can't be avoided (must not be an emulator, must not copy functionality that is alreadty on the iPad, must not copy an Apple product)).

Now you have three options: 

1: become an APple developer (costs you $100), download the 4GB developer toosl, compile the app yourself, and run it for a year (then pay $100 again)

2: find an Apple developer that gives you one of their limited testing license. Have that developer compile Einstein for you and send you a personalized copy. Repeat every three months or so.

3: jailbreak your device and find the hacked package somewhere (or compile that yourself). I have no idea if your specific iPad can be hacked though, and I do not know if a hacked Einstein package exists. I have - for exactly these reason - moved from Apple to Samsung (there are other issues, but at least I can give my software away for free).

 - Matthias

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