[NTLK] Einstein on Android

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Sat Jan 25 10:32:36 EST 2014

On 1/25/2014 3:19 AM, Matthias Melcher wrote:
> On 24.01.2014, at 23:31, Tom Zahm <tpzahm at newted.org> wrote:
>> Does anyone know if there's a way to bypass the loading of packages when Einstein boots up?  I loaded a scrogged backdrop for AVI's and it hangs.  I can surely delete everything and start again, but loading without packages could be a useful thing in it's own right.
> Hmm, not that I know. Einstein really emulates the NewtonOS, meaning that we have little influence on what NewtonOS itself does. Maybe a Flash reader could be used to change the backdrop package without launching Einstein? Did anyone ever write such a thing?
> Last resort: delete the Flash file in the Einstein directory :-(
>> Any other suggested fixes are welcome, too.
>> Oh, and a big "Thanks so much!" for Einstein on Android.  Let me know if I can help in the future.  I'm running it on a B&N Nook HD+.
Hmm with a regular newton, if you hold the pen down on the upper left
about 1/3rd of the screen down it will not activate packages (they will
be frozen, except for what is in ROM).  Not sure if that applies to
Einstein or not.  Seems like it should be if it is a emulator?

B&N Nook eh?  I have one as well.  Might try it on that.  Been thinking
about it for a while, just haven't got around to it yet.  Is there
anyway to export (or import) the data?  That is the only deal breaker
for me at this point.  Last I knew there wasn't, which is why I haven't
really dove into Einstein.


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