[NTLK] FS: Misc Newton Items

Chris C. chrisc30 at me.com
Sun Jun 15 14:27:23 EDT 2014

Good Morning Listers,

I'm trying to get some extra money for my wedding next year. I've got a few items that I am willing to part with:

eMate 300 w/ Stylus and Charger and 4MB memory card battery pack is dead but works fine with charger $40 plus shipping

Pico Bluetooth PCMCIA card for Newtons with manual and cdrom $40 free shipping in USA

NewtBoot $15 free shipping in USA

Newton 7w Chargers $20 each free shipping in USA

Apple Zip case for 1x0 Series $10 shipped in USA

4MB Memory with original Apple box and documentation $20 shipped in USA

1G Micro drive with PCMCIA adaptor $20 shipped in USA

Beat up 2x00 series door $10 shipped in USA

Keyspan Mac serial to USB adaptor $20 shipped in USA

Newton Interconnect dongle w/ Mac serial cable $40 shipped in USA

All prices negotiable. Will provide discounts for multiple items. Will have more items soon including a stylewriter and more cases.
-- Chris

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