[NTLK] Assuming this is acceptable, ROM image for Einstein...

Terence Griffin griffin at nist.gov
Mon Jun 23 11:20:51 EDT 2014

I'm pretty sure legally you wouldn't have a leg to stand on
if you were sued. My assumption is that the license doesn't
allow you to distribute the ROM, even to people who already
have a legal copy. And the Newtalk show runners may be
obligated to take some kind of action.Personally *I* have not
a single morel or ethical issue whatsoever. I think it is a
brilliant idea,  very generous and will help keep interest alive.

I'd suggest a little more that just a picture of a Newt. Perhaps
a selfie with the Newt, a current newspaper, a driver's license,
and/or a signature on the Newt screen.

Just my opinion...

On 06/22/2014 08:00 AM, Marisa Giancarla wrote:
> If this is not acceptable please let me know and i will take it down. But for now if you want the image do these steps:
> 1) Take a picture of your newton
> 2) Go to http://pocketgames4.me and register a new account
> 3) Email me the picture of your newton and what your userid is on the pocketgames4me website. I will enable the download for you.
> 4) Download the rom image
> 5) Follow the docs on how to install it into Einstein.
> Hopefully thats all!
> Marisa
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