[NTLK] Assuming this is acceptable, ROM image for Einstein...

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Tue Jun 24 08:44:22 EDT 2014

~~~ On 2014/06/24 10:11, Matthias Melcher at mm at matthiasm.com wrote ~~~

> Are we overthinking this? If someone wants to get a 717006 ROM, they will
> download a 717006 ROM, right?

That could be true, Matthias, or perhaps the issue for some folks isn't
actual availability of the ROM.  Perhaps the concern is whether or not
NewtonTalk in general and the people working on Einstein in particular could
face nonsensical legal interference because blatant forms of distribution
could poke Apple's legal rotweillers into action.

IOW perhaps our problem isn't whether the ROM "somehow" gets passed
privately to people who will make good use of it, but whether those Apple
guard dogs think we're openly encouraging/helping to turn distribution of
"their" ROM into a cottage industry.  Guilt by association may not be real
guilt, but lawyers making a point about intellectual property often are
happy to club bystanders with it.

Just my 2 small copper coins of the currency of your choice.



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