[NTLK] [FS/FT] Newton 2000, OMP, Various Accessories

Chloe Coughlin cidisguise at gmail.com
Mon Jun 30 14:22:38 EDT 2014

I recently dug my two Newtons out of a cupboard after a few months of
disuse in favour of a PC subnotebook (Yes, I've gone to the Dark Side. I'm
almost inclined to apologise?) and have found myself feeling rather bad
that they're not either taking space in someone's proper collection or,
preferably, being enjoyed by another Newton user who could get a few more
years of service out of them. I love the things to bits, and seeing them
gathering dust just won't do. Accordingly, I've been beginning to prep an
Ebay listing, but figured I'd give them both a fair shot here first, since
it's a far safer bet that they'll end up in good hands.

Items available:
Newton 2000
-Working recelled NiMh pack from NewtonSales. A few years old, but it was
never heavily used, and still seems to hold a very solid charge.
-2mb linear flash card, presently stuffed full of various utilities and
applications, though I would be more than happy to erase it if you prefer.
-Original metal stylus
-Genuine Apple 9w AC adapter
-Intact screen cover and port door (Amazed that door lasted as long as it
did, always seemed a bit flimsy. Babied it regardless)
-Generally rather good condition. There's a TINY chip in the top plastics
near the IR port, and the front plastics are worn smooth in a small circle
to the right of the speaker. Beyond that, there are no major cosmetic
issues. The outside of the screen cover is in by far the worst condition of
anything on the device, and that's in fairly good shape, with nothing more
than minor scratches.
Asking price: Make me an offer.
Photos: http://s1370.photobucket.com/user/cidisguise/slideshow/Newton%202K
Please excuse the handwriting; it's unrelated.

- Original AAA battery holder
- leather-y Newton case (And screen-protecting removable metal plate)
- Original Newton training VHS tape
- MessagePad Handbook
- Newtonmail registration card
- Newton Information pack, including training PCMCIA card, original
warranty and license cards, and set of rainbow apple and Newton stickers
- Decent condition. Battery cover is slightly 'dented' on lower edge.
Plastic circle on the back of unknown purpose has its four 'blades' bent
in. Somewhat dusty. PCMCIA card slot, if I recall correctly, has some
issues. It works, but as far as I can recall, the slot itself is damaged
somehow. I don't remember much about that, just that it required a bit of
force to get a card in and it tended to chew the rails on the sides of said
cards a little bit.
- Works. So that's good.
Asking Price: See above.
Photos: http://s1370.photobucket.com/user/cidisguise/slideshow/OMP

Would be interested in trading for MS Surface hardware (RT or x86, doesn't
matter) or an older (D50/40/2H, etc) Nikon DSLR with a decent lens. Would
not be opposed to separating the various bits of information/stickers/etc
from the OMP, but everything else packed with either device would largely
need to stick with its associated Newton.


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