[NTLK] Backing up to ATA CF

Stephen Hankins ghankins at mac.com
Tue Nov 4 23:00:47 EST 2014

Hi All!

I hate to ask a newbie question, but here goes.

I have installed Paul Guyot's ATA Support and have successfully partitioned a 32MB Canon Compact Flash Card, using a Transcend CF Adaptor.

The CF card functions as a normal store (i.e., I can file things on it). But it does not trigger the usual message from the Newton OS asking if I want to back up onto it. Should I expect that? Or should I expect to have to use something like SBM utilities to create backups?

(I ran across an older message from Woody Smith with a caution that it pays to have a linear flash card ready before doing a brain wipe, since the ATA cards won't cut it in that instance, so I know to be prepared on that front.)


Greg Hankins
Happy Hank's Honey House
Mt. Gilead, NC
ghankins at mac.com

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